Free Standing Sculpture Challenge

  • Get building and share.Build a tower or stucture that has artistic properties
  • Use wooden blocks, boxes, fruit – Anything that works!
  • No glue, sticky tape, nails. blue tack etc.
  • Take a picture of it and upload it with a brief description of why you like it

Open to all ages – Including adults! – No prizes except you get to share something creative.

NB/ Photo must be under 1Mb click here if you need to resize it online.

One Reply to “Free Standing Sculpture Challenge”

  1. I had a go with some Jenga blocks and made this.. I like it because it is balanced on one block and gets much bigger at the top. There is a lot of balance involved (which I think is quite arty). I have tweaked the photo in Google Picasa which is free to download and very handy.

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