Your Free Style Poetry

Add your poetry at the bottom of the page and if we like it, we will publish it.

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    • One day wonder
      One day i wonder what will i do to make the world a better place for me and you.
      One day i wonder why the grass so green and the sky so blue is it just me or you thought the same thing to.
      One day i wonder how deep the ocean can go.
      but some things you try to figure out you will never know
      One day i wonder will all my dreams come true i guess we will never figure out without me and you wondering to.

      ~JADA M. TAYLOR ~

    • Carmine BellThank you for this Web site, giving well-deserved rtoignoeicn to creative artists working in behalf of the 99%.I really enjoyed hearing/reading Richard Downing's poem Howl Again. It captures the ethos of the Occupy Movement and exemplifies ingenious, effective use of many devices of imaginative literature irony, of course, but also metaphor, simile, oxymoron, allusion, deliberate repetition for effect (like Ginsberg's Howl ), enjambment, etc. The poem uses the devices so appropriately and effectively that readers can read, understand, and appreciate the poem's content with no conscious awareness of these devices as artificial or intrusive. The conclusion is masterful in its climactic effect and hope for real change. Carmine Bell

    • The Moon

      The moon is big
      a silver light
      it helps me see
      outside at night

      Adi - age 6

Your Freestyle Poetry

Make a poem or post one you have written at home or school. Remember to put your age and name and perhaps use a spell checker or have an adult help you to make sure it looks good to publish.
  • Please put a title at the top and remember to put your name and age at the bottom

Please allow a day or two for your poetry to appear as it needs to be checked first