Your Garden Poems

See if you can write a poem that finishes in these words

Skies – Butterflies – Rain and Again!

Post them at the bottom of this page.
Any that stand out enough will be selected to go on this page.


Your Poems

    • the skies are blue we couldn't live with out you skies
    • have lovely wings wen you hold them the dust comes of there wings so be carefull of butterflies
    • the rain is heavy and wet you soak your self in the rain that comes from the sea rain
    • the sun shines again
    • charlie 10
    • The colour of her eyes was blue like the skies.
    • Remembering... the skies were full of butterflies.
    • I think of them again and sometimes it rains.
    • Then when the stars come out at night, they are here with me again.
    • Ruby May - Age Six.
    • Rainbow coloured flowers, reach towards the skies
    • Swirling like confetti, I see the butterflies
    • Their amazing show of colour, not even dampened by the rain
    • Their beauty freely shared and I am me again
    • Jackie - Age 13
    • I'm a skittering ant, looking at the skies
    • I like jam and jelly and bread, and chasing butterflies
    • Sometimes I get frightened, when it begins to rain
    • But when the showers over, I come running out again
    • Mia - Age 9

Your Garden Poems

Make a poem with each line ending in these words. Remember to put your age and name and perhaps use a spell checker or have an adult help you to make sure it looks good to publish.

Please allow a day or two for each poem to be checked and published if chosen.