Number Bonds

Learn your number bonds with free online Number Bond Games !

If your maths is a bit shaky, then this is a great place to start improving.

Get practicing and show your parents and teachers just how quick you can get!

Number Bond Games are a great way of improving your basic maths skills. Being able to add quickly and easily can really boost your confidence. There are only 5 number bonds that add up to 10! Not too hard to remember with a bit of practice!


Pretty simple! To learn these number bonds try showing them on your fingers by holding so many down and counting the ones that are left. Then just count how many fingers you need to lift back up to make 10.

Most kids can learn their number bonds quickly and easily if they are practiced over a number of days. Number bond practice should be quick and fun and not a chore. Lots of praise for getting them right and look for the improvements that are being made.

Once you have mastered your number bonds to 10 try number bonds to 20!