How to Play Ukelele


Learning an instrument can be hard, but the ukelele is an easy way in to understand chords and music structure. If you have a ukele, don’t delay, what you learn on it could give you access to so much more. Follow the videos and links below to move you forward.


Solving a Rubik’s cube is possible and very satisfying. The trick is to solve it layer by layer and not side by side.

Following the set of videos from the guy below will help you do it.

Stage 1 – No need to take apart, just make the yellow daisy

Stage 2 – Finish the first layer

Stage 3 – Finish the 2nd Layer

Stage 4 – Finish the third layer!

NB/ You do not need to take your cube apart and

start from the same place as this guy.

Another good video here

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