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You might have made some music already or you might have some beats to write lyrics over. Try the links below for hints and tips on writing.. If you want to share any clean creative lyrics, then please leave them as a comment for us to approve.



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  1. if you believe you will win believe in everything even your sins you could swim walk run or even jump and then you wont miss lunch i just love to rhyme and i will never lie or die

  2. ”””Life As A Mystery”””’

    When the days turn dark, and the storm clouds rage, do i feel your love for me, or do I think another way. When your not here, I’m alone, but I feel your love, and its burning on. Am I in a fairy tale story? Am I not strong enough? Is it true that days go faster than a blink of an eye? But I think its all wrong. When days go past, the world goes turning. When I think of the the future, my present is missing. Do I really want, what I think I want, no no nooooooooo. Would I wanna treat you like I do, nooooo.

    Thank you for reading my song. I am actually a songwriter and I sing my song to other people. Hope you can get good ideas from my song:)

  3. you are my star find my way out of this madness gotta go gotta go leaving tomorrow .. hey i see her face she says hello im stressed no no finding my self in the mirror

  4. thank you for reading my song here it is ; [ by the way i writ this song about my mum x] it s called appreciate you.

    Have i told you lately that i love you so
    you do everything that i want you to do
    and iiii appreciate you [ clap clap ]
    apppreciate you [clap clap ]
    appriciate youuuuuuuu
    and i love you to xx[ clap clap ]
    have i told you lately that i love you and
    your the only reason that im not afraid to fly oh
    lately you might have to chase me but i know that were not afraid to ………………….fly

  5. I know you say you know me, know me well, But these days i don’t
    even know myself, no.. I’d always thought i’d be someone else, I thought i would own the way i felt, yeah… I call you but you never even answer, I tell myself i’m done with wicked games, But then i get so numb with all the laughter That i forget about the pain… Oh, you stress me out, you kill me… You drag me down, you fuck me up.. We’re on the ground, we’re screamin’ I don’t know how to make it stop! I love it, i hate it, and i can’t take it, But i keep on comin’ back to you… Song by: Louis Tomlinson Ft. Bebe Rexha

  6. Life can be hard sometimes nomatter what your like or who you are you always have a challenge to face and nock out of the park always got a tear ready to fall cant hold it back forever gonna let it out like rain falling from a cloud when your loosing all your pain . Its time to prove your ready for the storm in any shape or form

  7. Escape
    Never let go, never say goodbye.
    Go straight, go back, can’t decide.
    I’m getting pulled on every side.
    Like a game, I just don’t want to play…
    All I’m looking for is to escape.
    Dark, light, which do I choose?
    Good, bad, what do I do?
    What do I do?!
    Which do I choose?!
    Is there a way to escape?!
    I’m going out of my mind.
    Too hard to decide between the two.
    Oh, no…
    Which path should I follow?
    Is there a right one, or are they all wrong?
    Maybe there’s no way to escape.

  8. I was born by river in a little tent oh and just like that river i’ve been running ever since its been a long,long time coming but i know a change gonna come oh yes will its been to hard living but i’m afraid to die cause i don’t know whats up there beyond the sky its been a long, long time coming but i know a change gonna come oh yes it will so i go to brother and i say brother help me please but winds up knocking back down on my knees oh there were times when i thought i couldn’t last for long but know i think i’m able to carry on its been a long, long time coming but i know a change gonna come oh yes it will.

  9. My song is called Me and You
    “Never known someone like you before, Someone who can make me smile when I’ve fallen down on the floor, Never laughed so hard till I met you, Somehow you get me when nobody else has a clue, It’s ok to be me next to you, It feels good to be one of the two just like glue, Me and You, Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh, So glad I’ve got a guy like you, Me and You, Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh, Always got each other’s back we do, If you need a shoulder you got mine, If you’re ever in a pinch you know I’d give you my very last dime, Two peas in a pod, Me and You, In perfect harmony we’re bobbing our heads to the groove, It’s ok to be me to next to you, It feels good to be one of the two just like glue, Me and You, Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh, So glad I’ve got a guy like you, Me and You, Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh, Me and You, You-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh.”

  10. i wonder were i am right now,
    I’ve always got my head in the clouds ye.
    I don’t even notice you no,
    and your standing right next to me.

    It’s almost time oh,
    for me to take the throne.
    but i’m running away,
    like i don’t even know.

    iv’e only got one chance ye,
    one chance to prove myself.
    my arms are tight,
    and i only wanna have a good night.
    welcome to my i world,
    this is is how it goes, this is how i roll.


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  11. everybody gets high sometimes you know
    what else can we do when your feeling low
    so take a deep breath and let it go
    you shouldn’t be drowning on your own
    and if your feel your sinking i will jump right over into
    cold cold water for you
    and although time may take us in to different places
    i will still be patient with you

    1. I hope you like my song.I did not write it but i thought it was really pretty so I sang it.

      True love i know i have it true love was so hard to find.True love if i could get it back i’d never let it go i’d never let it go this time

    2. its all my way I don’t care its all my way . I got you by the hand all tight I am all free its all my w,aaa,aaa,aya,y. and cute.

  12. this song i wrote on my own. hope you like it. it’s called split level love.

    I see you out the windows of my eyes you’re on the other side of the door i cant open that door its locked for someone else she is strong but wrong who is she? a friend your love? my enemy who do you love? i see you through the windows of my eyes. the door to your heart is locked and i cant break it down its split level love your above i’m below and she’s up higher who do love me or the enemy? split level love split level love…

  13. My name is No,My sign is No,My number is No you need to let it go you need to let it gooooooooooooooooooooo.No

    1. rolling down your tinted window driving next to me real slow he said let me take you for a joy ride , iv got some candy for you inside…………..running through the parking lot he chased me and he wouldn’t stop tag your it tag tag your it grabbed my hair and pushed me down took the words right out my mouth tag your it tag tag your it . can any body hear me when I’m hidden under ground can anybody hear me when I’m talking to my self

  14. some say love is just a fight but I would call it much more this song is not a song you should just ignore it is a song that shows much more about how do you is he just more everything cause if he isn’t that that is just a fight you should call for because hes your love so you shouldn’t ignore no no some love is just way more love love love love is just a fight you should call for ya ya a fight that you should call for ya. Thanks for reading my song piece out !”.

  15. If yall want to be a singer be a singer its your dream follow it and your dream will come true and am very sierras don’t listen to what anybody say its your dream follow it please, what you become will come true.

  16. SHOOTING STAR By, Jade you shine so bright baby light up, your, self, you shoot across the sky, like a star i like to call a shootingstar you shine so bright and shoot across the sky like a, shooting star! you make me fall down into the night, when your ways follow you around as you, shoot away from me, we dance from light of the stars, we do things, we shouldnt do, you, make me feel like im, more then just someone you met yesterday, you take me away from this town that i, never liked in the first place, you make me happy when im mad and happy when im sad you make me feel like im, special, baby your a shooting star, “a star” a shooting star “baby” you fly away and shoot away, from these people that you dont know, you keep me on your back and fly away with me while they try to get you back, but you want to stay with me “me” me me me YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE IM MORE THEN SOMEONE YOU MET YESTERDAY “more then yesterday” baby a shooting star…. Thats my song thanks for reading.

  17. Okay, my name is Gracie, I am eleven years old, and I am working to become a superstar. Here is a song that I wrote.
    It is called “Stay Young”

    I am just a child
    Energetic and wild
    All I do is play
    But I know that someday
    That’s all gonna change
    It’ll be so strange
    I want it to stay
    So I am going to get the most out of my life
    Never rushing to become a wife
    Taking my time
    So I’m gonna take my time and have fun
    And stay forever young

    I hope you liked it you can see it on my youtube channel there are more lyrics are there I am Gracie Carlile on YouTube! πŸ˜€

  18. im a rap artist gotta song called freestyle you could problay here it if you contact me on twitter raymond simpson OUT

  19. I like wide variety of music;
    – Five Finger Death Punch (heavy metal rock group)
    -Kelly Clarkson (pop singer)
    -Carrie Underwood (Country)
    -Little Mix (ultimate pop girl group)

    Shout out if your the same!

  20. I am a singer and just say of your a singer or not. always like to do know who else likes to sing. I get record deals for small things /0 0\

  21. Just say something if you guys would like to see a song of mine. My sister wright a lot of songs too. But hers are more slow. Mine, I should say, are more… Well up-beat. πŸ˜‰

  22. Ohhh don’t forget to take me you can’t forget or your knowone to me just say goodbye if you forget me I’ll just be like you and forget youuuu.

    It is called don’t forget me

    1. WELL I love music and I love singing. so I thought maby I could make a song. I MEAN WHO DOES NOT LIKE SONG I DO .EVERYONE DOES I LOVE IT NOTHING BETTER.

  23. i love the song that I am going to sing right now I hope you like it.
    Once I met a man a thief a cad with a selfish plan that made me mad love set his heart a glow so sweet so strange but first he had to show that he could change when I was in the spot my back against the wall he gave it all he got and dared to risk it all things were getting rough but he answered the call he had to stay tough and dared to risk it all I know he’s brave enough to finally dare to risk it all. I hope you liked my song. and it came from sofia the first the curse of princess ivy.

  24. Oh, my madam, my precious madam, you haven’t seen anything! There’s a man dancing inside a jug in a pig suit in Beijing! The magician pulls a purple bunny out of his orange hat, and the grey alligator dwelling inside a cave, plays with his best friend, the bat! Louie spends all his hard earned cash on sweets and old baseball cards, Billy in Pennsylvania spends his dollars on bagels and lard! Oh, my madam, my precious madam, you haven’t seen anything! There’s a man dancing inside a jug in a pig suit in Beijing! -The Nonsense Song-

  25. I would love to compose song lyrics! I enjoy funny and fast paced songs with a funny or bizarre story and a good beat! You could even use poems that you wrote to create songs!

    1. me too i want to make songs but its kinda hard cause lyrics are hard to make up do u know i mean ? reply back if u do

  26. Here are some of my lyrics I hope you like them.

    Some people think true love is stupid but I think it
    Is true because I love you

  27. so what you gonna do without me, what you gonna do when i’m gone, so your probably gonna say, i need you, i want you, i really wanna kiss you, but your far away…us So i hope you liked it

  28. Blue lake
    i bought a house next to a blue lake, thats were i bet him, in a hat that didnt make sence, with a pretty little smile, and bright blue eyes. By a little blue lake. he acted so nice and looked at me with those bright blue eyes, i was dying to say hi, but his light blue eyes caught me off guard… at a blue lake. he came to me and looked at me with those light blue eyes, and said, hello. i said hi back, and the blue lake shimmered in the sun, i smiled shyly and remembered the magic from the blue lake πŸ™‚

    made up… hope u like it! did what i thought! and i liked it πŸ˜€

  29. ^^^^baby girl^^^^
    Darling dont grow up, oh dont grow up, be my baby girl. dont grow up oh no no no. dont ever grow up… Please be nothing but my baby girl. Darling dont ever leave me. i’ll buy u any doll, any pet, if u dont go away from me πŸ™

    I hope u liked it. By: Tess Kitty πŸ˜‰ (DO NOT STEAL ANY SONGS OR U WONT HEAR MY SONGS AGAIN… In a nice way πŸ˜€ !!! )

  30. ****Girlfriend****
    If i was your girlfriend, i would hold you tight. if i was your girlfriend i would love you.
    if i was your girlfriend, i would buy you anything!
    if i was your girlfriend, i would take you to your favorite place πŸ™‚
    i would do anything, (moment of silence) if i was your girlfriend, boy, i could be eaten fondue by the fire with u if u were my boyfriend already!!!
    The end πŸ˜€ hope u luved it πŸ˜€

  31. My new song is called, if i was your girlfriend πŸ˜€ i need some work to it. please continue do what u love to do πŸ˜€ i love to blog random stuff i do :3 bwhahahaha xD. and my next song shall be Do your best. my nxt nxt 1 is… Fly. next one is
    My baby girl,
    Blue Lake,
    Daddy’s little girl
    PEACE PEEPS πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

  32. She tells lies to be popular, she beats people up just to get her way! she steals us girls boyfriends to seem like the prettiest girl ever! she walks past me and my friends and snickers. we just stand there & stare. i walked up to her and said ” why do u steal our stuff? and be so mean to everyone!?” she just laughs and says, im just better than YOU, and what will u do about it? i glare at her, and say ” i will tell you something. your mean and your just a big bully to everyone :l plus would u like to be bullied?! no. no one does :l ( turned ino a story… and a song… well all that matters is that i like it πŸ˜€ )
    Katyperry-fan OUT πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  33. Man, I must be really bored :-[ . But this is just something I came up with. It’s your smile and those big brown eyes. No specific times but keeps me up at night. I here your voice echo through my mind, no new found love can replace that time~ when I remember youβ™‘

  34. it isnt finished but the chorus is

    oh love,oh love, oh careless love
    oh love,oh love, oh careless love
    oh love, oh love , oh careless love
    now,now dont you see what your careless love has done to me.

    1. i hope you like this one please don’t laugh as i am only 12 years old.
      i wish you could just go away,
      you always lied to me,lied to me,
      you shattered my heart like a broken glass.
      i had trust in you, i always had faith in you
      but you just took advantage of me and walked away…
      this song isn’t finished yet but i hope you liked it.

    2. LOL I am a singer and i wish you your best luck katelyn. You should really get a youtube channel and do covers of songs and make some of your own lyrics to songs you might even become famouse.So keep following your dreams just like me and you and me can get there together.

  35. its not finished but,

    its been long enough now i can finally prove people wrong
    i can hug and stay at your side and my pride i can better have it back so know that you helped me a lot i coudnt sleep but wowits gone now
    hope you loved it
    thnkss xxxx…

      1. No you dont. be yourself πŸ™‚ and create songs YOU like. dont let people say mean stuff about you! im here to support you and everyone else.
        Your Fan,
        KatyPerry-fan πŸ˜‰

  36. candice wendy summers mcneill pl51eq 1 landrake close barn barten plymouth

    hi it is me this is my song i want u to rock me rock me rock me yea hit the medal heavy medal show me u care:) πŸ™ 😐

  37. candice wendy summers mcneill pl51eq 1 landrake close barn barten plymouth

    hi guys i have a song for you do u ever feel like a plastic bag driffing though the wind and it will start again

    1. I bet you could πŸ˜€ I’ll be here and support everyone i meet πŸ˜€ online or in real life, were ALL people right? right! by da way, imma do a song about bullies and populars :T please dont be a cyberbully, nor a bully, or a mean popular. Nice populars are awesome! Nerds that are nice. awesome !! πŸ˜€

      KatyPerry-fan out πŸ˜‰

  38. hey all you people i got a song im not going to write it here because some one can steel it soo it is called deal with the pain its awsome….

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