How to Play Ukelele


Learning an instrument can be hard, but the ukelele is an easy way in to understand chords and music structure. If you have a ukele, don’t delay, what you learn on it could give you access to so much more. Follow the videos and links below to move you forward.


If you cant play chess then draughts is a good place to start.  You may have a programme already on your computer or tablet, but if not here is a link to an online game to test your skills.

Ok, so you managed to beat the computer at draughts? Well done.. Now have a crack at beating it at chess. This might be a bit trickier, but stick with it and learn from your mistakes. If you can beat it, you are showing great skills at planning and logic.

Learn Guitar

Learning guitar is tricky and you need lots of practice. However, with the right tutorials and learning patterns you may be able to play a

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