Write Rap or Song Lyrics

Now you might have made some music already or you might have some beats to write lyrics over. Try the links below for hints and tips on writing..


Free Standing Sculpture Challenge

  • Get building and share.Build a tower or stucture that has artistic properties
  • Use wooden blocks, boxes, fruit – Anything that works!
  • No glue, sticky tape, nails. blue tack etc.
  • Take a picture of it and upload it with a brief description of why you like it

Open to all ages – Including adults! – No prizes except you get to share something creative.

NB/ Photo must be under 1Mb click here if you need to resize it online.

Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Solving a Rubik’s cube is possible and very satisfying.

Following the set of videos from the guy below will help you do it.


Stage 1 – No need to take apart, just make the yellow daisy

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4 – Finish the third layer!

Check out some of our memory pages for ideas on how to memorise

the algorithms. NB/ You do not need to take your cube apart and

start from the same place as this guy.

Just have a go and take it step by step.. Part 1 Part 2 1) White Daisy 2)Edges down 3)Corners down 4) First layer edges 5) Yellow cross to top 6) Corners in 7) Corners in right order 8) Switch edges Easy!

Another set of videos here

Acid Xpress – Free music software

PC MUsic Software Acid Xpress Free to Download

Great fun to use, but above all free.. Even if you do not want to make music it is great for playing drum beats and recording voices over the top..

Here is a little example of a few of the things it can do.

Check with computer owner before installing.

Create a word cloud

Wordle is a quick and easy to use website that creates word clouds from blocks of text or from web page url’s

Although you cannot directly save them, you can do a screen grab, hit print screen on your keyboard and then paste and crop it in word or an image editing program.

For quick screen grabs I really like the small and quick program MWsnap which can be downloaded here for free!


Have a play and see what you can make.. If you make and save some good ones, see if you can upload them to this sites image gallery!